Clarity Proofreading & Editing can help you if you need to produce an online or print document that is clear, concise, correctly formatted and free of errors. We love working with words and offer a range of services from developing an in-house style guide, writing and rewriting, all levels of editing and last-minute proofreading.

At Clarity Proofreading & Editing we won’t interfere with your message—just bring clarity to it.

Editorial services include:

  • Copyediting—so that your work is accurate and clear, and your style, grammar, spelling and punctuation are consistent
  • Proofreading—to make sure that any spelling and punctuation errors are removed
  • developing an in-house style guide—so that everyone working on documents knows the preferred spelling and grammatical style
  • fact checking—using desktop research
  • formatting—in case you need help getting the most out of Word, such as using styles, page numbering and automated tables of content